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It doesn’t look like any mud motor you’ve seen before.

Because it isn’t like any mud motor you’ve seen before.

The Freedom Outboard combines the proven reliability of a 4-stroke marine motor with the go-anywhere capabilities of a surface-drive mud motor. It’s like a wish list of best-in-breed features, seamlessly integrated into a single package – a powerful, rugged, high-performance engine that will change the market forever.

In addition to brute power needed to plow through thick mud and weeds, our patent-pending design features several unique innovations.

Floating Jack Plate – Like a mud motor’s hinged mount, but with a vertical dimension in addition to the angular. This gives you maximum control over the position the motor, enabling you to gain optimal performance in mud or deep water. Thick rubber bumpers absorb the energy of solid-object impacts, while the thinner profile and a built-in hydraulic lift make it easier to use and manipulate.

Aluminum Planar Guard – This 3/8” thick welded aluminum guard cuts through weeds and branches and other surface debris while protecting the engine housing from logs, ice, and other solid objects. It is engineered to dynamically absorb the impact, transferring the energy to the strength of the engine and allowing the motor to safely pivot out of the way without being damaged.

Hardened Drive Extension – This surface-drive design element enables you to get on plane quickly and efficiently, even in the most extreme conditions. Plus it gives you the depth you need to break mud suction without drawing air down and cavitating. Best of all, it allows the engine exhaust to exit through the water, making this the quietest mud motor on the market today.

Tri-Pane Cavitation Plate – This plate directs water, slush, and muck toward the prop to ensure maximum grab and thrust when you need it most. When you’re at speed, it dramatically cuts down on torque steer, reducing fatigue and making for a more comfortable ride. And when you’re in reverse, it deflects mud, water and debris away from the boat, keeping you cleaner and dryer.

Closed-Loop Cooling System – Allows the 4-stroke outboard engine to operate in zero-water conditions, enabling this proven marine-engine design to do what a mud motor does – but quieter and more efficiently.

All-Surface Prop – Inspired by off-shore racing props, this stainless-steel prop has been modified to support weed and mud drive conditions. Extra-thick blades absorb impacts with solid objects, and a field-replaceable composite hub has been integrated into the design to save the prop, the lower unit, and the gearing from catastrophic collisions – a true industry first!

Motor selection

  • 40hp EFI 4 stroke 6200 rpm engine – $12,195.00
  • 50hp EFI 4 stroke 6200 rpm engine – $12,395.00

Remote and dual engine set up available.


  • 267 lbs total weight
  • Closed loop cooling
  • Lockable floating Jack plate
  • Multi prop compatibility to enable max performance with almost any type of boat and load
  • Steering brake to aid in reducing torque steer
  • Twist-grip throttle
  • Breakaway prop hub to prevent gear case damage
  • Hydraulic power trim
  • Hydraulic 5-1/2 inch jack plate to enable prop to be lowered or raised to suit conditions
  • Lower unit front bumper
  • Horizontal beams to aid in protecting the prop from damage and provide lift
  • Full coverage cavitation plate to aid in getting up on plane quicker while reducing torque steer
  • The largest Mud prop in the industry: 11.0 x 16 – 3 blade
  • Largest horsepower stock motor produced
  • 6200 RPM motor
  • Automotive-style radiator and cooling fan
  • Enclosed engine
  • Enclosed controls
  • Zinc anodes throughout the assembly to prevent corrosion
  • Remote steer available
  • Meets all coast guard safety requirements for an outboard
  • Weed-less Mud prop by Hopkins Propeller Service Conventional SS prop By Tohatsu


Nothing But Mud

Breaks Through Ice

Tight Corners at Speed

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