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The Go-Anywhere Power of the Freedom Outboard

Ideal for duck and gator hunters, for carp and crawdad fishermen, for outdoor adventurers and ecological investigators, and for emergency and disaster relief.

It’s time to move beyond your old-time surface-drive engine

It's time to enjoy pure Freedom!

The Freedom Outboard is a revolutionary new approach to marine engine technology, designed from the ground up to get you places conventional motors can’t – more quickly, more quietly, and more reliably than ever before.

We all know the problems with lawn-mower engines disguised as mud motors. We’ve all dealt with the rowing, towing, and endless repairs. But if you wanted to get deep into the mud and the brush and the backwaters, you had no choice. Until now that is.

Our team of experienced mechanical engineers, product designers, and avid outdoorsmen knew there had to be a better way. We’ve owned every mud motor available. We’ve built our own. We know the demands. And now, after a decade of product development, testing, and refinement, we are proud to introduce the patent-pending design of the Freedom Outboard.

The Freedom Outboard is a true marine engine. It’s faster and more rugged than any outboard you’ve used. It’s quieter, more powerful, and easier to maintain than any mud motor you’ve used. It is an all-purpose beast that will change everything you thought you knew about boating in extreme conditions.

Isn’t it time you stopped settling for second best and experienced a new level of freedom for yourself? Now you can, with the Freedom Outboard.


No More Belts

It seems they always need replacing, doesn’t it?

No More Busted Skegs

Unless of course you really enjoy welding projects.

No More Noise & Hassle

Smooth and quiet, go out whenever you want – even during noise ordinance hours!

No More Exposed Moving Parts & Exhaust

Everything enclosed & covered, protecting you and the engine.

No More Electromagnetic Clutches

They slip, they skip, and they cause no end of trouble.

No More Broken Lower Units

The bane of every outboard engine – it’s finally been solved.

Are you ready to enjoy pure Freedom on the water? 

Build Your Boat today with custom options to create the experience you’ve been wanting – a motor that moves more quickly, more quietly, and more reliably than ever before.